TDI SFMO Underground Fire Main Contractor Training*

Texas Department of Insurance State Fire Marshal’s Office Underground Fire Main Installer training.

This 4 hour class will cover topics you need to know to pass the state of Texas required tests to become an underground fire main installer. Two test are required:

  • Statute and rules
  • NFPA 24.

You will receive a course manual (via email if taking a virtual class). You need a copy of NFPA 24 for your use in the field but a copy is not required for this class. Click here, to  order a copy of NFPA-24.

Topics covered include( but are not limited to):

  • Texas Insurance Code Chapter 6003 (the Law)
  • The Fire Sprinkler Rules TAC Section 34.700 (the Rules)
  • Application
    • RME-U
    • SCR-U
    • Test
  • Fees
  • Required Insurance
  • Limitations of work allowed to be performed by an underground fire main contractor
  • Use of subcontractors
  • Installation requirements
  • Validation testing
  • Documentation

This class will not only assist you in passing the test it will give you the information you need to be a successful fire main contractor.

*This training is not required by the Texas Department of Insurance State Fire Marshal’s Office.

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