If you have a DISASTER RELIEF credit you must read this.

March 31, 2020 the TSBPE begin issued temporary COVID Disaster CE Credits for completion of CE classes. These temporary credits were called "Relief CE Markers" and allowed you to renew your license without taking a CE class as long as all other requirements were met. The "Relief CE Markers" were a temporary credit, an extension of time to complete the CE requirement, NOT a waiver. The "Relief CE Markers" are shown on the TSBPE website as "DISASTER RELIEF" 
When the credits were issued the TSBPE informed us ,"If a marker is removed at some future date and there is no replacement CE credit, the license expiration date will revert back to the original expiration date and the license will be expired". 
The "Relief CE markers" will be removed by the board very soon. Then license status will revert to EXPIRED if you haven't completed the CE class for the year the marker was issued. The last date I have heard is July 31, 2021 for the markers to be removed.
To determine if you have a "Relief CE Marker" go to the TSBPE website a look up your license. Under CE history you will see the a list of your last four CE classes.
CE History
        Credit	                Provider	           Completed On	
 2021 - Regular CE Credit:      DISASTER RELIEF        09/23/2020	
 2020 - Regular CE Credit:      WINN'S CAREER ED       04/27/2020
The person in the above example received the DISASTER RELIEF credit for their CE in 2021. You must take a CE class for the 2021 CE year to remove the "Relief CE Marker" or your license will soon revert back to the original expiration date and your license will be expired.
You could have a DISASTER RELIEF credit for 2020 and/or 2021.
              2020 - Regular CE Credit  DISASTER RELIEF
              2021 - Regular CE Credit  DISASTER RELIEF
The 2021 Regular CE Credit is for licenses that expire between 9-1-2020 to 8-31-2021
The 2020 Regular CE Credit is for licenses that expire between 9-1-2019 and 8-31-2020
Now, let's confuse things a little more. If you see "TSBPE" as the provider you do NOT need to make up that credit. The TSBPE credit was issued due to the winter storm for licenses expiring in February, March and April of 2021 and were waivers. The CE requirement for those licensees was waived and does not have to be made up.
Excerpts from an email sent to the TSBPE and their response confirming the above information is accurate.