Plumbing License Law 2021 Update

The Plumbing License law, Texas Occupations Code Chapter 1301, was amended by HB 636. The bill overwhelmingly passed The House and Senate. Governor Abbott signed HB 636 into law. The law became effective May 26,2021.
Representative Senfronia Thompson introduced HB 636 and it was authored by S. Thompson, Paddie, Lambert, Hernandez, and Geren. The bill had at least 43 coauthors. The bill passed in the House by 143 - 4. (see how your Representative voted)
Senator Whitmire sponsored the bill in the Senate. Senators Alvarado and Menéndez cosponsored the bill. The bill passes the Senate by 28-2. (see how your Senator voted)
The links below will lead to documents where you can see what changes were made to the licensing law and the reasoning behind the changes.
The only document below that has been altered in any manner is, HB 636 (highlighted). This document was highlighted to show the additions and deletions to the Plumbing License Law. The unaltered document is HB 636.