TSBPE Proposed Rule Change

These proposed changes will be published in the Texas Register July 8, 2022.

Written comments regarding the amended rules may be submitted by mail to Patricia Latombe at P.O. Box 4200, Austin, Texas 78765-4200, or by email to rule.comment@tsbpe.texas.gov with the subject line “Rule Amendments.” All comments must be received within 30 days of publication of this proposal.

Click on the rule number to see the proposed changes. On the top of each page click on “Preamble” to see the reason for the change.

Rule Number
§361.1 Definitions
§361.13 Board Committees [and Enforcement Committee]
§365.1 License, Endorsement and Registration Categories; Scope of Work Permitted
§365.5 Renewal of License, Registration or Endorsement
§365.7 Duplicate Pocket Card
§365.8 Change of Name, Address, or Employment
§365.14 Continuing Professional Education and Training Requirements. [Course Year for Continuing Professional Education and Training Programs] §365.15 Curriculum Minimum Standards
§365.19 Course and Training Providers [of Continuing Professional Education Programs] §365.20 Course Instructors for Continuing Professional Education and Training Programs
§365.21 Continuing Professional Education and Training Programs for the Medical Gas Piping Installation Endorsement
§365.22 Licensing Procedures for Military Service Members, Military Veterans and Military Spouses
§365.23 Transfer of License
§365.24 Continuing Education and Training Exemptions
§365.25 Temporary License